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Hi, I'm Ring Wing, fiohistory at Internet. I'm in front-end development, write succinct and efficient code & script for web.

Meanwhile I am a graphic designer, and I like fresh originality.

Services / Work / Portfolio

In the design, I do Web design, Logo design, Icon design and so on, occasionally do UX design. The tools mainly used are Photoshop and Illustrator.

In the code, I do PSD to HTML, Static and Dynamic webpage development. The main languages used are XHTML/CSS HTML5/CSS3 JavaScript/Jquery

In addition, e-sports industry is also my interest.

CEPL Glassy Metallic 3D Metallic Shade Twist Aura

Contact Information

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I'm in China. My Chinese name is Wang Rui. I will be very glad if you are intend to contact me, discuss with me or cooperate with me about the web.